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Open Pet Businesses in Anaheim & Orange County

Earlier this week, I created a blog post with open restaurants in Orange County after struggling to find a list on the internet and not finding what I was looking for on apps like DoorDash and UberEats. That led me to think about how I could do the same for the dog and pet-related businesses out there like mine. While I included chains like Petco and PetSmart, I encourage you to use the smaller businesses when possible. They need the most help.

I want to emphasize that I do not encourage anyone to go out during the shelter-in-place order unless it is for an essential like taking your pet to the vet or picking up needed pet food and supplies. Be wise about your interactions out there!

Also, please note that businesses are making changes at a rapid-pace; things change daily. It may be a best practice to contact each store listed below directly before visiting. I am sure I also missed many pet-related businesses in OC that are open or listed some that have since temporarily closed. Please let me know if you spot an error! Email me at to point out accidental omissions or updates.

Last updated 3/20/2020


The shelter-in-place order specifically excludes those that work in veterinary offices and visits to a vet for the safety of your pet. Many veterinary offices have new policies in place for the safety of their staff and you.

For example, my dogs visit VCA Orange Animal Hospital, and they have changed their policy to include checking-in patients from outside the hospital, curbside pick-up for medications, and only allowing owners in the facility with their pet if it is discussed before hand.

Check with your vet to see what policies they may have in place, if they have reduced hours, and to see if your pet’s appointment is completely necessary. If it’s not urgent, perhaps it can be rescheduled to a better and safer time in the future.

Pet Stores

While many pet stores are closed some are still open with new policies in place to ensure social distancing. Anaheim Feed & Pet Supply for example is open and offering curbside pickup and special senior hours. Other stores are still operating through online ordering and shipping. Below is a list of stores in Orange County still offering services.

Call-In Delivery

Curbside Pickup or Walk-In

Online Orders

Senior Hours

Visit the below store’s websites for exact senior hours in case of changes.

Boarding / Daycare

Not that type of boarding, unfortunately.


I mean, if you can groom from home, do it.

Many of these groomers require making an appointment ahead of time. Contact them first.

Animal Shelters & Rescues

Be sure if you adopt a pet right now that you will be just as committed once the shelter-in-place orders lift. It’s easier to take care of a pet when you’re working from home, but once you go back to work, have a plan in place so that your home is a forever one! Please call/contact the below rescues to make an appointment or inquire about adopting. Most are closed to the public and require appointments before hand.

Pet Clean-Up

Need your yard cleared of pet droppings? There’s people that can help with that!

Lost Pet?

If you’re like us, you’re getting your dog out on walks a lot more to stretch your own legs. More dogs out and about may lead to accidental dog escapes. If you lose your pet, reach out to your local animal control, but you can also join a lost pet group on Facebook like the Orange County CA Lost and Found Pets Forum or reach out to your neighborhood on Nextdoor.

Did I leave any type of pet businesses out? Let me know! Email me at

Open Orange County Restaurants

Hi Southern California, friends! This may not be dog-related, but it’s community-related so I’m still sharing! After struggling to find a list of restaurants in Orange County (specifically Anaheim area) still serving take-out and delivery, I’ve put this list together.

March 24 was called The Great American Takeout day in order to encourage the support of our local businesses during this very uncertain time of COVID-19. Many places are hoping it catches on every Tuesday. I hope this list helps you find a place to support Tuesdays and any days you need a break from cooking throughout this crisis.

I know there are many restaurants probably missing, and if you see one missing that you know is open for take-out or delivery, please send me an email at and I will add it to this list! Same goes with if you see a mistake. Things are changing rapidly so there’s a chance restaurant policy has changed since I put this together (yes, even just in the last few hours).

This list originally included national chains/fast food restaurants, but given how large it has become, I’ve decided to remove them and list mostly local businesses — especially since most chains are open, especially fast food drive-thrus.

UPDATE: OC Restaurant Association has a great website to help you find takeout in Orange County and nearby cities! You can also find restaurants on this Reddit thread!

List last updated on 3/31/2020. Click on the cities below for each one’s open restaurants.

Aliso Viejo, Laguna Beach, Laguna Hills, & Laguna Niguel


Brea & Yorba Linda

Buena Park 

Costa Mesa

Cypress & Los Alamitos

Dana Point, San Clemente, & San Juan Capistrano

Fountain Valley


Garden Grove

Huntington Beach

Irvine & Tustin

Lake Forest, Mission Viejo, & Rancho Santa Margarita

Newport Beach 


Santa Ana

Restaurants with Several OC Locations

85C Bakery Cafe

Avila’s El Ranchito

BCD Tofu House

Board & Brew

First Class Pizza

Paris Baguette

Stacks Pancake House

Tan Hoang Huong Sandwiches

Have a pet and looking for open pet stores, groomers, and more? Check out our Open Pet Businesses in Orange County blog post.

Behind the Scenes: Mini-Session with Jager & Family

This family and their Boxer, Jager, were the first ones to book a pet photography session with Coop & You and for that we will be forever grateful! The family took part in our Spring Mini-Session in Irvine a couple of weeks ago.

The energy between their dog and youngster made for an exciting family photo shoot, with me running around hoping to get the perfect shots where both pup and child were engaged and looking towards the camera.

My primary experience is capturing images of dogs, mainly from all the practice taking photos of my own, so I was very thankful to have the opportunity to take photos of Jager with his entire family. A huge shout out to Jager’s mom for trusting me with her family photos!

We had so much fun during the shoot that it ran a little later than we planned. We began to lose some light behind Irvine’s hills, but we took full advantage of the golden hour light we were gifted through most of it.

Enjoy more photos of this beautiful family below! You can follow Jager’s adventures on Instagram at @jager_themeister.

We love that this youngster brought his Woody and Buzz Lightyear toys to the shoot. It captures his personality!

Want to book a session for your pup? Contact us with the form below and/or sign up to our monthly newsletter for updates on future mini-session dates!



Behind the Scenes: Mini-Session with Kaya

Last week, we had our first Orange County pet photography mini-sessions in Irvine along a beautiful trail at sunset.

Our first session was with Kaya, a beautiful Samoyed pup who is just nearing her first birthday! This dog’s coat was so white and clean, folks on the trail joked that she would be a different color after finishing the hike.

Kaya was so well behaved and picture ready! Like most Samoyeds, she was friendly as could be, stopping to say hello to anyone who came along her path. This was one of Kaya’s first hikes and we’re so glad we could come along to photograph it!

My parent’s actually have a Samoyed, Bear, a favorite model who you’ll see in many of our photos. They are the sweetest dogs in the world, particularly with people. Their only flaw, besides being stubborn as heck, is that they love too much. If you’re looking for a guard dog, a Samoyed is probably the wrong choice. If you’re looking for a heckin’ good adventure partner who can go out in public with you, Samoyed’s are a great choice since they love everyone, even strangers!

We had so much fun with Kaya and hope to see her again! Check out more of our favorite shots from the shoot below.

Want to learn more about Samoyeds? Read all about the breed on the American Kennel Club website. Have one yourself? You can meet up with other Samoyeds at a SoCal Samoyed meetup. Follow them on Instagram at @socalsamoyeds.

You can follow Kaya as she grows up on Instagram at @kayabear_samoyed.

Want to book a session for your pup? Contact us with the form below and/or sign up to our monthly newsletter for updates on future mini-session dates!



Join us at 5 Point Plaza’s 4th Annual Spring Pet Fair!

UPDATE: This event has been canceled as of 3/12/2020.

On Sunday, March 22, from 11 am to 2 pm, Coop & You will be taking photos at 5 Point Plaza’s Spring Pet Fair in Huntington Beach!

The dog-friendly event will feature a Critter Encounters Educational Animal Experience, an adoption fair, games for dogs, food for humans and animals, face painting, and more!

Come find us at our booth for a free spring-themed photo with your pet and/or family! Pose in front of a white shiplap backdrop amongst Easter baskets and pastels for a fun spring look with your best furry friend.

You’ll receive one complimentary photo on us with the option to buy the whole set of images taken.

A huge thank you to Kahoots Pet Store for inviting us out! We can’t wait. See their event flyer below for more details.

Pet Photography Tips

We’re lucky to live in a world where our cell phones are often the only tool we need to capture a moment with our beloved pets. Here’s some tips for capturing quality photos of your animal friends.

10 Pet Photography Tips

  1. Be somewhere they are comfortable
    • Whether planning a shoot with Coop & You or just taking photos yourself, make sure the location is somewhere your dog is comfortable. Photos taken in your own living room, back yard, or a favorite park will often yield the best results because your pet is free to be themself without worries of a new place.
  2. Have treats
    • Like myself, most pets are motivated by food. Have their favorite treats handy to coax them into the pose or location you want them to be in. You’ll also want to give them some yummy snacks as a reward for their good work after the shoot!
  3. If they’re uncomfortable around the camera, don’t add costumes
    • I’ve made this mistake with my own dog. She did not like her Halloween costume a couple of years ago, but we strapped it on her because we had to take family photos in our group costume. Poor thing looks miserable in all of the shots. Not worth it! If your pet doesn’t like costumes skip it or be sure to slowly get them used to wearing it in the weeks leading up to the shoot or occasion.
  4. Use toys as props
    • One of my favorite things about my Google Pixel 3 is the slow-motion camera capabilities and portrait mode. I like to throw my dog her ball and capture it in slow-motion. The results are hilarious and authentic because she doesn’t know I’m taking her photo, she’s just playing fetch!
  5. Capture them in action
    • This one might depend on your phone or camera, but instead of trying to get your dog in a specific pose or in front of a backdrop, just capture them being them! Get some action shots at the dog park or playing in the backyard. I’m a sucker for candid photos and they usually end up being my favorite.
  6. Use their tricks
    • Like using their toys as props, use the tricks your dog knows to get the photo you want. “Sit. Stay.” is perfect for getting them to sit still in front of a backdrop. Ask them to shake hands for an adorable shot. This is more applicable for dogs than other pets, but perhaps I’m not giving other pets enough credit!
  7. Take them for a run before-hand or incorporate into a training session
    • Again, perhaps more applicable for dogs, try to tire them out before a photo session so that they are happy to be sitting or laying down in one place. An energetic pet may be desired for a candid shoot, but for a general session, you’ll want them calm. You can also incorporate photos into your normal training sessions by giving them treats everytime they do something you want them to do during the shoot. This will help keep them engaged.
  8. Be patient
    • Dogs, cats, rabbits, horses, any pets, unfortunately, do not speak English. They don’t know what you want from them. Be patient and remember to keep it calm and fun for them. If they aren’t into it, you may just have to call it a day and try again another time.
  9. Minimize distractions
    • Pets, especially dogs, can be easily distracted by loud noises or quick movements happening around them. If possible, find a location with minimal distractions like your own home, a dog park at a not-so busy time, or just try to keep your distance from others.
  10. Make it fun
    • In the end, your pet will probably never enjoy having their photo taken as much as you enjoy capturing those moments. But the key is to make sure they have a pleasant experience so they don’t mind you whipping out the phone/camera here and there. Give them lots of positive praise and treats.

So why pay for professional pet photography?

Part of the reason I came up with the very idea for Coop & You was realizing I wasn’t in many photos with my own dogs. Not to mention, it’s hard when out adventuring to stop and take photos of your pet, especially if they are always anxious to keep moving (like our big dog, Fidus) or nervous (like our little dog, Cooper). When I’m out with them, I have to give them my full attention (the way it really should be with any pet). And at home, while I can get individual photos of them with ease, it’s hard to get family shots even with a tripod and a timer.

And, while phone cameras are extraordinary today, they still don’t hit the same mark as DSLR or mirrorless cameras. This can be particularly frustrating if you want to blow up a photo for a print or canvas but your phone’s image quality just isn’t good enough. By booking with a pet photographer, you’ll get the image sizes you need for prints and you’ll also get professional photo editing.

When you book with Coop & You, or any professional pet photographer, you get to just enjoy being in the moment with your dog, running along the beach, playing at the park, or snuggling at home. We’ll capture that moment for you so you can remember it forever.

More Information

Send us a message to learn more about a session with Coop & You!

Dog Friendly Southern California Trips

Planning a trip to the golden state with your best furry friend? Here are some dog-friendly things to do throughout San Diego, Orange County, Los Angeles, and more!

Hotels & Lodging

border collie looking out of tent on camping trip

Traveling with a dog can get tricky fast if you don’t know where you can stay. Luckily, California is a pretty pet-friendly state and there are actually many options! Most campgrounds accept pets, though you’ll want to double check each one as some have rules about pets being on trails around the site or some may not accept pets at all. Hip Camp is a great resource to find alternative camping sites to KOAs and government-run ones. Their website features an easy-to-use filter that lets you search by dog-friendly sites.

Many hotel chains now have dog-friendly locations like La Quinta, Best Western, Motel 6, and Red Roof Inn.

And there are plenty of unique properties around California that are pet friendly like The Dana on Mission Bay in San Diego, Arrowhead Pine Rose Cabins by Lake Arrowhead, Kimpton Shorebreak Resort in Huntington Beach, and more. You can also find pet-friendly options on Airbnb.


border collie at the beach

If you’re coming to SoCal for a vacation, chances are you’ll be visiting the beach. Not all beaches are dog-friendly and not all dog-friendly beaches allow dogs to be off leash. Here are some spots where you can enjoy the sun and surf with your pup. Visit each beach’s website for specific pet rules.

Los Angeles
Leo Carrillo State Park North Beach (on leash) – Malibu
Santa Monica Pier (on leash and only on the pier, not the beach)
Rosie’s Dog Beach – Long Beach

Orange County
Huntington Dog Beach – Huntington Beach
Newport Beach (on leash and time restrictions)
Corona del Mar State Beach (on leash and time restrictions) – Newport Beach
Main Beach Park (on leash and time/season restrictions) – Laguna Beach
Aliso Beach (on leash and time/season restrictions) – Laguna Beach

San Diego
North Beach (time/season restrictions) – Del Mar
Main Beach (time/season restrictions) – Del Mar
South Beach (on leash) – Del Mar
Pacific Beach (on leash and time restrictions)
Fiesta Island Off-Leash Dog Park – Mission Bay
Dog Beach – Ocean Beach
Coronado Dog Beach


Southern California is full of terrific spots for hiking and getting outdoors! Explore Big Bear and Lake Arrowhead for a taste of the mountains, head inland for desert experiences, or hike along the coast for grand beach views! Use AllTrails to find dog-friendly trails near where you’re staying.

Restaurants & Bars

California’s sunny climate means restaurant patios are utilized year-round which is great news for your furry friend! Many restaurants allow dogs on the patio like the appropriately named Lazy Dog restaurant chain. A quick Yelp search shows that there are hundreds of dog-friendly restaurants around Anaheim (home of Disneyland!) alone.

If you do happen to be in Orange County during your stay, here are some of our favorite dog-friendly places to grab a bite to eat/drink:

Golden Road Brewing – Anaheim
Cortina’s Orange – Orange
Snooze, an A.M. Eatery – Orange
Lamppost Pizza – Yorba Linda
Beachwood Brewing Taproom – Huntington Beach
Eureka! – Huntington Beach
Slater’s 50/50 – Huntington Beach
Crystal Cove Shake Shack – Newport Beach
Lemonade – Newport Beach
Hopdoddy Burger Bar – Tustin

It’s always a good idea to call and double check that dogs are allowed — even if Yelp says it’s okay!

Photo Shoot!

If you’d like to capture photos of you and your pet enjoying your SoCal vacation give us a shout! On-location photo shoots include one-hour of photography and you’ll receive the digital images from the shoot for $200. If you need to book more time, that can be arranged, too. We’d love to help you remember your vacation “fur”ever! Email for more details.

Bring Fido

To easily search for pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and activities in the city you’re staying in, use a tool like Bring Fido to find the best options for you and your pet! It’s our go-to.

Spring & Easter Mini-Sessions 2020

We are excited to announce two mini-sessions this March in Orange County! We’ll have a trail-based photo shoot in Irvine and an Easter themed photo shoot in Orange. While we’re dog obsessed here, families and others without pets can take advantage of these sessions, too!

dog at sunset in field

Friday, March 6, 2020 – Natural Photos | $52 (including 20% discount)
4:30 pm | 5:30 pm

Our first mini-session will produce more natural and candid photos. In these 20 minute sessions, I will accompany you and your pup/family/friends along a trail in Irvine to get a couple of different backgrounds and authentic moments as you enjoy golden hour along Irvine’s beautiful hills. Since this is our first official mini-session, sessions are 20 percent off!

There are only two session times left so book soon! Email to reserve your spot.

Spring decor on a picnic blanket

Saturday, March 14, 2020 – Prop Photos | $65
3:30 pm | 4 pm | 4:30 pm | 5 pm

If you’re looking for a more traditional Easter mini-session, the following weekend we will have a mini-session in Orange at a local park. These 20 minute sessions will take place in one spot amongst spring-y Easter props under a tree at the park.

There are four open sessions left for this shoot! Email to reserve your spot.

What do Mini-Sessions Come With?

Dog at sunset

The price for the mini-sessions includes a 20 minute session and at least 8 digital images from the shoot along with one fun polaroid shot. All digital images are for your personal-use: share them on social media, make personal prints, whatever you’d like! We just ask that you credit us on social and keep our small watermark on prints.

Behind the Scenes: Photo Shoot With Phoenix

A couple of weekends ago, I had the pleasure of working with Phoenix and her foster mom Helena with 4Life Rescue.

4Life Rescue is a nonprofit run by volunteers dedicated to providing care and resources to animals in need. They offer adoption, education, training, and rehabilitation services to ensure that unwanted and neglected animals are safe and receive the life-long care they require and deserve. A worthy cause if I’ve ever heard one!

I met up with Helena and Phoenix early in the morning at a local park. Phoenix was a little shy, so I didn’t force any greetings — I have my own shy pup at home and am shy myself. I know what it’s like to need to warm up to people!

dog on walk

As we walked along the trails, Helena shared all the ways she’s been working with Phoenix to get her confidence built up like visiting local parks and other public places. Phoenix was clearly thrilled to be out, smiling as she walked along. We stopped in a couple of areas to snap some photos for 4Life before letting Phoenix stretch her legs and run and play with Helena. Phoenix really came to life running around a small gated area where she was free to be herself. She even came up for pets!

dog running

Phoenix is 8 1/2 years old, turning 9 on June 11. This sweetheart loves getting outside for walks in the park, but she prefers to avoid crowds! She spends her days lounging and shadowing her humans. Phoenix would do best with mellow and respectful dogs and kids; she previously lived with two kids and another dog.

dog smiling

For more information about Phoenix, visit 4Life Rescue’s website.

Hiking With Dog Friendly SoCal

My husband and I, and our two dogs, just recently moved back home to sunny Southern California. While my husband and I have spent most of our lives here, our dogs have only known life in the Midwest. I cannot wait to get them out more on the beach, on the area’s many trails, and up into the mountains.

dogs smiling on hike
These dogs are living the California dream.

Before we moved, I began looking up dog-friendly things to do in the area which led me to find Dog Friendly SoCal on Instagram. The group shares dog-friendly hiking trails, camping spots, and SUP spots. I about passed out with joy upon reading the latter. These were my type of people.

Along with sharing, Dog Friendly SoCal also has a Meetup group that has planned hikes almost weekly! I reached out to them and asked if I could join them on a hike to get photos for Coop & You — and also to scout out how my own dogs would do on a hike. They invited me to join them on hike of Hellhole Canyon Preserve near Escondido that they themselves were trying out to see if it would be suitable for a Meetup event with a larger group of dogs.

woman and dog on hike overlooking mountains and a valley
These views made this challenging hike well worth it.

We met at 9 a.m. at Hellhole Canyon Preserve and then off we went with four pups in tow (well, more like leading) on the Paradise Mountain Loop trail.

The elevation gain on this hike and its steeper sections gave me a much needed reminder that my time in the less-mountainous Midwest has left me sorely out of shape when it comes to inclines. While I completed the eight-mile hike up and down steep, rocky terrain, there were a few moments in which I questioned my sanity at making this my first foray back into hiking in SoCal.

The hike also served as a reminder that my own dogs need better training before jumping into a more challenging hike like that. Both of our pups like to pull — one to get where he is going, the other out of fear and a desire to get back to the car. A dog pulling you too hard down the steeper sections could definitely result in injury.

dogs walking on hike
Tails up, onward to adventure!

Luckily, all of the dogs on our hike were amazing and hiking pros. True adventure dogs, happy to be out on the trail and spending the day with their favorite people.

The full loop took us about five hours to complete — a perfect way to tire out your dogs, and yourself. Though, I’m sure every dog on that trail was ready for another adventure as soon as they got home.

If you have dogs and enjoy getting out in nature, I highly recommend following Dog Friendly SoCal on Instagram for ideas, and if you’re looking for others to hike and adventure with, join their Meetup group! I cannot wait to take Coop and Fidus with us on a future hike they plan.