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A New Direction in 2021

Coop & You launched in 2020, right as my husband and I and our two dogs moved back to Southern California after time out of state.

We had just started to get off the ground with photo sessions and planning out our adventure packages when COVID-19 hit and I began to postpone and cancel mini-sessions out of precaution, not realizing just how long this situation would last.

Shortly after, we found out we were moving once again, this time to Sacramento, CA. Coop & You was basically paused as we packed up our lives for the second time in less than a year and loaded up a U-Haul.

We are thrilled with our new home in Sacramento. Our dogs have more space, and we’re surrounded by California’s beauty from the mountains to our east and beaches to our west. Of course, with COVID-19, we’ve not truly explored any of these amenities yet.

Because we are new to the area and unfamiliar with hiking, camping, and paddleboarding spots, our original plans for Coop & You have adapted. Before we can offer pet adventure packages, we need to familiarize ourselves with the area.

As such, Coop & You: Pet Photography & Adventure Packages is now Coop & You: Lifestyle & Pet Photography. During the photo sessions we were able to do this year, it became abundantly clear that Coop & You should expand to include family photography. We still emphasize authentic, candid moments but want to open up our photo sessions to families, couples, businesses, and more. And now I can also share landscape shots without feeling off-brand — a selfish decision on my part.

We’re excited for where 2021 takes us and hope Coop & You offers affordable photography options for those in the Sacramento area. As always, our photo sessions include all pricing upfront and include digital photo files. No extra fees for each photo you want copies of after the session. That’s the Coop & You difference!

Here’s to a brighter, healthier (hopefully), and photo-packed 2021.

Hello, Northern California!

A short few months after launching Coop & You: Dog Photography & Adventure Packages in Orange County, we’ve hit the road and moved up north to Sacramento, California.

Change & New Beginnings

Once the pandemic hit, my husband and I had to make some touch decisions for the health of our own pups, Cooper and Fidus. Our dogs were still acclimating to their new found apartment lives when the world became a whole lot smaller amidst lockdowns and social distancing measures.

When we had a chance to move somewhere where the dogs could have a backyard again, we had to take it.

We’re very excited to begin new photography adventures here in Gold Country. In the short time we’ve been here, we’ve already been able to get out on our paddleboards more times than in the seven months we had in Southern California.

We cannot wait to make a list of hiking trails and lakes to explore in our adventure packages, but for now, our photo packages are officially available in Sacramento and the surrounding areas!

Have a suggestion for dog-friendly photo spots in Northern California? Let us know!